This is a high-quality toy made in Japan. The "Ferreggs" is a gentle and fun handmade toy for ferrets and cats. It's very popular as presents for beloved pets and friends with pets!

Super fun toy for your ferret!!

Egg rattles for ferret.made in Japan.

Ferrets and cats become hopelessly obsessed with this toy.

The bell's sound gets them super excited♪

High-quality toy made in Japan.

You'll get to see your ferret or cat playing with it joyfully.

Perfect weight for ferrets and cats to carry

Very popular with pets in Japan!

What kind of toy is a FERREggs?

Can be firmly held in their hands!

The external part of the Ferreggs is made from knitted yarn, which allows ferrets or cats to hold them firmly in their tiny hands. It's adorable when pets carry them or roll them on top of their tummy.

Perfect weight for pets to carry!

Perfect size and weight for ferrets and cats to carry easily. There are bells inside, which gets pets really excited to carry the toy. Here's a ferret enthusiastically carrying it to its secret base♪

High-quality Toy made in Japan. Yarn Cage is 100% Cotton

Ferregs is a high-quality toy made in Japan. As the yarn cage is made from 100% cotton, it is safe for your beloved pet to put in its mouth. They are individually handmade with safety and hygiene in mind.

Will surely become your pet's favorite

The "Ferreggs" is a toy that pets become hopelessly obsessed with, so much so that we get a lot of feedback saying their pets are always playing with it. Your beloved pet will surely be head over paws for it too.